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Archive for August, 2007

Can You Say Blonde Twin Teens

m h rss001 Can You Say Blonde Twin Teens
You talk about naughty teen sisters!¬†well Cherish and Cali fit that profile. And to top it off they were twins. We got the chance to shoot them in action for our Teeny Bopper Club site and we were all interested in how good they could work with each other sharing a big dick. The guy that was most interested was Billy because it was his big dick they would be sharing. Both girls got right down to business on Billy’s cock, taking turns licking and sucking until our man got rock hard. When Billy got ready to fuck one of the girls, things took a different turn as far as threesomes go. Since they were sisters, they didn’t interact with each other but kept themselves wet and occupied with an assortment of fuck toys they brought along. Besides, they were getting off watching each other get banged. Billy was an equal opportunity fucker as her filled each of their tight teen pussies with his meaty cock. When he blew his load, Cherish and Cali shared the gooey finish together. Billy sure got double the pleasure.
m h rss002 Can You Say Blonde Twin Teens

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Lorena Exchanges Her Racket For a Cock

m h rss001 Lorena Exchanges Her Racket For a Cock
Julian had been scouting a local tennis club for potential performers, and had seen a cute brunette. a few times that he wanted our resident teen pussy expert Tommy to see for himself. So the other day we all drove past the club and there was the same chick again. We stopped and Tommy went up and introduced himself to Lorena. She said she was part of the tennis club, and we mentioned our own exclusive club tryouts that Lorena might be interested in. Lorena was happy go lucky bordering on naive so we figured it would be easy for us to get her to come with us but to perform hardcore sex might be another matter. It was a slow process at first but Tommy has super teenage seductive skills, and in no time Lorena was out of her tennis dress with her open mouth slurping down Tommy’s cock. Lorena had a tight shaved teen pussy that stretched to the limit when Tommy slid his huge dick inside, but she was a horny young babe that just rocked her hips while getting fucked. Tommy was drilling her hard doggie style when he finally busted his load all over Lorena’s chin. It isn’t exactly tennis but, Lorena, welcome to our club.
m h rss002 Lorena Exchanges Her Racket For a Cock

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Micah Hit Balls Right Out of the Court

m h rss001 Micah Hit Balls Right Out of the Court
Recently we have been hitting this local park that has a tennis court. A lot of young hotties seem to be hanging out playing a few sets. That’s when we spotted Micah. It was a hot day and she was dressed to stay cool in a micro mini jean skirt and crop top blue shirt. Her body was petite and toned. Perfect teen to join our infamous club. Just our luck Micah hit the ball right out of the court and over the fence. Billy jumped up to fetch it for her. She thought that was just the sweetest thing. Apparently this girl has a case of low self-esteem which makes her perfect for the picking. Billy ran his game. Micah just eats it up and agrees to come back to the studio to shoot a video. Once we arrived Micah strips down to her birthday suite, grabs Billy’s huge cock and sucks the skin off his dick. To our surprise this innocent little teen was a wild woman in bed. She took Billy’s cock in every position you can imagine. Then she begged for a cumshot right on her tits. God I love tennis.
m h rss002 Micah Hit Balls Right Out of the Court

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Rollerblading Teen Leah Catches Julians Attention

m h rss001 Rollerblading Teen Leah Catches Julians Attention
Max was at the park checking out the scene for mature models when he spotted a slender blonde teen rollerblading. He was so intrigued by the possibility of scoring with her that he called Julian to come over for a look. When Julian took one look at Leah rolling along, he quickly changed the assignment to a teen pick up. Max finally stopped Leah to have a chat and he convinced her with her athletic body that she’d be a candidate for our special Teeny Bopper Club. Leah was enthusiastic about the opportunity to showcase her skills and Max was definitely delighted about the possibility. Leah came back with us to the studio for her introduction to the club that began with a strip down of her clothes as Max checked out her tight teen snatch. Leah was already getting excited and wet when Max pulled out his cock for a good long suck job. Max stuck his stiff man meat in her doggie style and drilled away at that tight shaved teenage pussy. They were all over the bed fucking hardcore style when Max pulled out and shot a cum dripping facial load. We definitely put the MILF scouting on the back burner after this session.
m h rss002 Rollerblading Teen Leah Catches Julians Attention

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Christine Rides Billys Thick Cock Intead of Her Bike

m h rss001 Christine Rides Billys Thick Cock Intead of Her Bike
It wasn’t looking too promising when we first met cute Christine pedaling her brand new bike in the park for a little exercise. She was painfully shy but she sure was a hot blonde teen. Billy explained we were looking for new members for our exclusive, or should I say sexclusive club. Christine was totally resistant at first but when we told her if she was accepted we would pay her $1000, she suddenly became more interested. We were definitely interested in her. Christine had what seemed like a tight teen body under her tiny pink shorts and pink tank top, and Billy sure wanted to find out. Her audition at the studio started with showing off her leg flexibility as Billy stretched them out on the bed. Before long Billy’s tongue was right where he wanted it to be, right between the lips of Christine’s shaved teen pussy. She suddenly lost all of her shyness as Christine stroked and sucked Billy’s massive cock. He slid his hard meat inside her tiny slit doggie style and fucked her good. Christine got the workout of her life as Billy finished off the initiation with a creamy load on her baby face. After this bit of exercise, we don’t think Christine will be riding her bike anytime soon.
m h rss002 Christine Rides Billys Thick Cock Intead of Her Bike

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Madison Rides More Then Her Bike

m h rss001 Madison Rides More Then Her Bike
I’m always on the lookout for these teen cuties that go bike riding in the park near my house. I had been eyeing this one little blonde hottie for days and decided to try to initiate her to our special club. Madison had a hot ass and liked the way the bike felt between her legs. I convinced her she was going to love my big cock there even more. Check out how freaky Madison really got when you click here.
m h rss002 Madison Rides More Then Her Bike

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Athletic Teens are Such Good Fucks

m h rss001 Athletic Teens are Such Good Fucks
When I go scouting for young pussy to audition for our special teen club, it’s always comforting to know when Tommy comes along. He’s got that macho cool look that chicks just seem to dig. He definitely closed the deal when we met Jaylyn out jogging one recent day. Tommy told her we were looking for the young athletic type to tryout, and Jaylyn sure fit that profile. She had already jogged a half mile but insisted she still had a lot of energy left. Jaylyn was pretty trusting, especially when we got back to the studio and she sat next to Tommy at the end of the bed. When Tommy slid his hands under her tank top to feel her nice round boobs, Jaylyn hardly flinched. I kept the camera rolling because when Tommy dropped his pants, Jaylyn sucked his fat cock and balls like she had been around the block before. She was such a cutie and Tommy took full advantage of slamming some really nice shaved teen snatch. I wanted to drop the camera and join in but they seemed to be having too much fun with each other. Tommy finally blew his wad right into Jaylyn’s open mouth and she licked up every drop. Next time it’s my turn Tommy.
m h rss002 Athletic Teens are Such Good Fucks

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I Got a Set of Balls for You Tristan

m h rss001 I Got a Set of Balls for You Tristan
When Julian and I drove through the park recently for some teen prospecting, it wasn’t hard to notice cute Tristan. She was in the middle of the field playing basketball with this oversized ball and hoop that kept on collapsing on her. She looked just right for our slutty teen club so I challenged her to a game of one on one. If she won I told her she would get a chance to tryout. Tristan kind of chuckled and went along with it. I think she knew it was a gag but she was a good sport about it. When I let her beat me she said she was ready for her audition. When we got back to the studio I explained to her that her first task was to suck my dick and without hesitation Tristan said ok. I just looked at Julian and smiled because this was about to get crazy. She crawled on the bed and began licking and sucking my cock and balls until I was ready to explode. I wasn’t about to go off until I got to hit some of that fine young pussy so I grabbed her and slid her wet snatch down on me for a ride. Tristan knew just what to do as I pounded her good until I blasted my load into her mouth. Strange things happen sometimes when you want to get noticed.
m h rss002 I Got a Set of Balls for You Tristan

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Big Ups to Ohio for Their Crop of Teen Pussy

m h rss001 Big Ups to Ohio for Their Crop of Teen Pussy
Julian called me the other day to do a shoot for a teen site and normally that’s a nice gig. Young teen pussy is the best. So I came to the studio to check out who I was going to be working with. Presley was definitely cute and had a great personality, but she was from a rural area in Ohio and claimed she had only been fucked once in her life. I wasn’t too fired up about banging a chick on camera that was practically a virgin so I kind of played around with Presley at first, slapping her butt and sucking on her nipples just to get things going. But once I went down on that tight teen snatch, Presley rocked my world like an experienced porn star. That shaved snatch fit tight around my big cock as she rode me good and hard. I turned her around and drilled Presley doggie style just before I unloaded my load into her mouth. I’m still a big fan of teen pussy.
m h rss002 Big Ups to Ohio for Their Crop of Teen Pussy

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Three Point Shot Lands Me Teen Pussy

m h rss001 Three Point Shot Lands Me Teen Pussy
The magical pussy park is a porn stars dream. It seems everytime I go out and scout for local teen talent there is a huge crop of horny sluts just waiting to join the teeny bopper club. Today was no expection. I caught up with Chassity honing up her hoops game at the infamous park. I totally dig the young, athletic types and this teen chick had it all going on even if her hoops game was less than stellar. I shot around with her a bit chatting her up about our teeny bopper club. She seemed intrigued and loved hamming it up for the camera. I thought this chick was so perfect so I made a deal. If I hit this three point shot she would come back to the studio with me and check it out. Chassity didn’t know that I used to play college ball. I aced the shot and we were on our way. Once we arrived I started making out with the hot teen and before I knew it she slide my meat to the back of her throat. You won’t believe how hard this teen slut rode my dick unless you enter here.
m h rss002 Three Point Shot Lands Me Teen Pussy

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