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Athletic Teens are Such Good Fucks

m h rss001 Athletic Teens are Such Good Fucks
When I go scouting for young pussy to audition for our special teen club, it’s always comforting to know when Tommy comes along. He’s got that macho cool look that chicks just seem to dig. He definitely closed the deal when we met Jaylyn out jogging one recent day. Tommy told her we were looking for the young athletic type to tryout, and Jaylyn sure fit that profile. She had already jogged a half mile but insisted she still had a lot of energy left. Jaylyn was pretty trusting, especially when we got back to the studio and she sat next to Tommy at the end of the bed. When Tommy slid his hands under her tank top to feel her nice round boobs, Jaylyn hardly flinched. I kept the camera rolling because when Tommy dropped his pants, Jaylyn sucked his fat cock and balls like she had been around the block before. She was such a cutie and Tommy took full advantage of slamming some really nice shaved teen snatch. I wanted to drop the camera and join in but they seemed to be having too much fun with each other. Tommy finally blew his wad right into Jaylyn’s open mouth and she licked up every drop. Next time it’s my turn Tommy.
m h rss002 Athletic Teens are Such Good Fucks

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