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I Got a Set of Balls for You Tristan

m h rss001 I Got a Set of Balls for You Tristan
When Julian and I drove through the park recently for some teen prospecting, it wasn’t hard to notice cute Tristan. She was in the middle of the field playing basketball with this oversized ball and hoop that kept on collapsing on her. She looked just right for our slutty teen club so I challenged her to a game of one on one. If she won I told her she would get a chance to tryout. Tristan kind of chuckled and went along with it. I think she knew it was a gag but she was a good sport about it. When I let her beat me she said she was ready for her audition. When we got back to the studio I explained to her that her first task was to suck my dick and without hesitation Tristan said ok. I just looked at Julian and smiled because this was about to get crazy. She crawled on the bed and began licking and sucking my cock and balls until I was ready to explode. I wasn’t about to go off until I got to hit some of that fine young pussy so I grabbed her and slid her wet snatch down on me for a ride. Tristan knew just what to do as I pounded her good until I blasted my load into her mouth. Strange things happen sometimes when you want to get noticed.
m h rss002 I Got a Set of Balls for You Tristan

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