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Micah Hit Balls Right Out of the Court

m h rss001 Micah Hit Balls Right Out of the Court
Recently we have been hitting this local park that has a tennis court. A lot of young hotties seem to be hanging out playing a few sets. That’s when we spotted Micah. It was a hot day and she was dressed to stay cool in a micro mini jean skirt and crop top blue shirt. Her body was petite and toned. Perfect teen to join our infamous club. Just our luck Micah hit the ball right out of the court and over the fence. Billy jumped up to fetch it for her. She thought that was just the sweetest thing. Apparently this girl has a case of low self-esteem which makes her perfect for the picking. Billy ran his game. Micah just eats it up and agrees to come back to the studio to shoot a video. Once we arrived Micah strips down to her birthday suite, grabs Billy’s huge cock and sucks the skin off his dick. To our surprise this innocent little teen was a wild woman in bed. She took Billy’s cock in every position you can imagine. Then she begged for a cumshot right on her tits. God I love tennis.
m h rss002 Micah Hit Balls Right Out of the Court

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